State of the Dream October 2011

Over 240 hits two months in a row.  Almost 1700 pageviews altogether.  Holy shit.  Folks from all over the world. 
Some of you may be robots.  Do real people come from or  I suspect not.
Few comments, so I don’t know how much good I’m doing.  I hope I’m doing good.  I hope this journal is useful.  Egotistical maniac though I am, I’m not doing this just for my personal gratification.  These stories, these techniques and speculations … I would have loved to have access to other people’s madness when I was a wee fuzzy faun: it would have helped me understand that I wasn’t crazy.  Or not that kind of crazy, anyway.
My mead recipes and Samhain altar remain the most popular posts.  Little surprise there.  That’s some of the good stuff.
Don’t be shy.  Feel free to ask questions.  Feel free to tell me I’m talking out my ass.
How else can anyone learn?