This is Not an HSA Blog

This is NOT an HSA blog.

This is the (occasionally drunken) ranting of a satyr magician.  This is the place where I tell stories about shennanigans I’ve been up to.  This is the place where I share the results of my experiments, both magical … and occasionally social.

Now, with that said, you’re probably going to hearling about the HSA a lot.  The Heartland Spiritual Alliance takes up more of my time and energy than anything but my novels.  My work for the HSA overlaps significantly with my spiritual and magical practices.  And I have … thoughs on Pagan leadership and Pagan culture.  So my work with the Sacred Experience Committee and Board of Directors is going to come up.  But from this platform, I am NEVER speaking in an official capacity.

I feel the need to say this, explicitly and in writing, for three reasons.  Firsly, three of my last six posts have been related, at least tangentially, to my work in the HSA.  Secondly, in speaking privately with other current and former HSA staff members, some have felt that their words are always heard in an official capacity.  Thirdly and finally, we hope to have an official HSA blog up in the relatively near future, and I want to be 100% clear with the world that this is not it.

The Journey Through The Obsidian Dream is, always has been, and always will be my personal soapbox and public journal.  The opinions expressed here are my own, and soley my own, and subject to change as I grow and learn.  They have, in fact, changed before, and will change again.