I am a Dionysiac witch: queer, radical, hedonistic, ecstatic.  I am a madman exploring the spiritual wilderness with a machete in one hand and a jug of too-young wine in the other.

I currently serve my community as the Chair of the Sacred Experience Committee of the Heartland Spiritual Alliance.  It is my first year in the position.

I live in Kansas City, where I pay my bills by fixing jewelry.  In my “spare time”, I am attempting to publish my first completed novel while I continue to write the sequels.  Whenever I can force the laws of space-time to yield, I am a photographer and visual artist interested in myth, ritual, and identity.  Somewhere along the way, I picked up a Bachelor’s Degree in Classical Studies, and a habit of giving the Evil Eye to anyone who can’t seriously evaluate their sources.

I live with my partner Aradia and our petulant overlords: a pair of extremely spoiled but loving house cats.

Sometimes this blog gets political.  Sometimes the art gets sexually graphic.  Sorry not sorry.

You can find my other work at jsgroves.com and mundusoccultus.com

You can support my work by buying my novellas on amazon or by buying my art prints from my gallery or by supporting me on patreon.

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  1. I must agree with your post about transgression / queer/ empty model. I too am drawn to Dionysos, and to Pan, Cernunos, and a few others whose names may or may not equal the same consciousness… I too yearn for a truly Queer witchcraft and Deity (ies) who lead me deeper into myself as much as they lead me out of an internal / external morass. I have wriited you before Re: Dionysos, but have been busy and much distracted since then, as I know you have. I live in Springfield, MO., but I could make the drive to KC to meet and discuss. Email me at fantachris@msn.com.
    Yours, Christopher Berry

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