Rites and Meditations

Although I discuss a great deal of magic in theory, and discuss the consequences of rites and workings, actual rituals compose a relatively small portion of the blog.  A small but important portion.  A list of the rituals I post in whole and some of those I discuss in detail are indexed below.

Visualizations, Meditations, and Trancework
Margot Adler Self-Blessing Ritual
Chirotus Infinitum Relaxation Ritual
Golden Light Cleansing
Crystal Chalice Visualization
Fountain / Tree of Life Mediation

Rites and Rituals
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram … and its unanticipated consequences for me
The Cross and Banishing Rite of the Obsidian Dream – the most recent incarnation of my LBRP variant

Elemental Cleansing Ritual

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