October Full Moon: Wand-Maker’s Moon 3/3

The final night of my lunar rites was simple, relatively speaking.  My heavy work had already been done.  All that remained was to give thanks and contemplate the work that had been done.  I cast the circle simply: tuning quietly to the four elements.  I poured libations to all my gods, took a few moments to charge all my tools, and descended to my Inner Temple.

I walked around entire perimeter, and when I made it full circle, a door opened between the giant Kouros and Cycladies inside the front gate of my temple.  I descended through a straight, dark tunnel to a square, grey stone underground chamber that hadn’t been there before.

There was a silver circle inscribed in the floor.  I stood  in the center of the circle and felt myself filled with the purple light from my instruction with Rhea.  I pulled out the orb she gave me and poured that light into it, then placed the orb in a recess that opened for it in the wall opposite the stairs.

The Full Mon’s Work done at last, I ascended the stairs and returned to my body.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with that sphere, but I suspect there are other tokens waiting for me.