Abramelin Oil

Back in November, when I was still on track with my work through Penczak’s Temple of High Witchcraft, I started a batch of Abramelin Oil.  I finally got around to distilling it.  As described previously, I used Aaron Leitch’s technique, and about 3.5 oz total dry materia.


Mixed with 1.6 oz olive oil (a hair short of the 2:1 ratio the recipe called for, but I’d rather it a little strong over a little weak), it’s still a pretty amazing shade of red.  Below was my net result, which turned out pretty awesome:


I’ve thrown the Dead Head back in the cabinet to try to extract whatever’s left, and will add that in a month or two once I’m content I’ve gotten out all the essential oil that I can.

In the mean time this will make a pretty awesome offering and dedication oil.