Elemental Masks Project: Feral as the Keeper of Fire

From my latest photo shoot exploring the personalities of my elemental masks, Chicago native Feral in the role of Keeper of Fire.

Although not, herself, a practitioner of occult arts — an unexpected and unaccountable bit of good luck with two of my previous models, first Felicity embodying Baphomet and the Sun God/dess, and then Kajira for the Conjuring and the first round of Keepers — she was very professional and a delight to work with, taking to the role with surprising ease.

Prints and the rest of the series are available at my portfolio.  For the rest of Feral, click here.  For the Elemental Masks series in toto, click here.  If you like my work — either or both my art or my witchcraft — please consider buying a print or two.  Times are a little tough right now.